Final Goodbye..

Me: Random curious question: have you thought what it would be like if we got back together later on whether it would be a 6 months from now or a year or two?

Him: Maybe 5?

Me: You plan or want to be w/me when you’re 26/27?

Him: Yes definitely

Me: So what have you thought of when you see how we’d be in 5 years then?

Him: Idk yet miss.

Me: So you don’t want to be w/me until 5 years from now? That’s when you think you’re gonna be ready?

Me: If that’s the case then we shouldn’t talk anymore, you’re not mine & I’m not yours. I’ll always be in love w/you. But I need to move on & let you go or else I’m never gonna truly be happy. But I wish something reminds you everyday that you wish you’d stay. But I can’t keep hoping & wishing you’d be back w/me a lot sooner than that when you’ve already made up your mind. I love you & this is what you wanted so please let me try to let go of you.

Me: Until then I can’t keep talking to you & I mean if you ever have an emergency then I’ll be there but I’ll try to keep it to myself when I miss you terribly & all I want is you to hold me. I won’t tell you or bother you. & as much as I like it when you tell me. I have to let go of you.

Him: I know you really do. I love you a lot and want to be with you someday but if not then somebody like you at least lol.

Me: Well it better be me. Cause you aren’t gonna find anyone exactly like me. Find me & make me fall in love w/you all over again. But until then I’m gonna move on w/my life & try to let you go. So we shouldn’t really talk either.

Him: Lol I’m sure you will be with somebody much better than me by then :) so it will be hard…Have a wonderful life and enjoy each moment!

Me: You too cootes. I hope you find the person you want to be in life. I hope you find that one thing that makes you truly happy so you can find & treat someone who is gonna make you even more happy than that. It’s gonna be so tough w/o each other but I really hope you find happiness. So please try not be so stressed at work and be sad at home cause I really hope you are happy.

Him: Same to you! I will always be here if any emergencies..but I doubt you will talk to me for anything lol and I will try not to but won’t matter miss :) I will miss ya and everything about you! The next guy in your life will be extremely lucky that he found such an amazing girl.

Me: It does matter silly cause I’m always ALWAYS gonna care about you & I hope you are actually happy where you are in life & if you’re not I hope you find what does make you happy. It’s a shame if you don’t & the next guy..idk about him but I’m not ready for him & idk when I’ll be. But thank you for saying that. I hope he realizes it.

Him: I am. Sure he will :) I hope you take your time to fall in love with him tho….Just to make sure he is actually the one and not somebody like me..But I guess we should stop talking huh?

Me: You were never just somebody..&yeah ..I love you & imma miss you terribly ):

Him: I love you too and will miss you also cooties but can’t wait to see what you do with your life :) I know you will be successful and make it far.

Me: Thanks..I know you will too. So don’t ever give up on what you really wanna do in life. I know you can go far in life. I’ll always believe in you.

Him: I know :) I am gonna really miss ya.

Me: I miss you already…

Him: I know but this is gonna be for the best

Me: I know good bye cootes…

Him: Goodbye. Hope to see you in the future.

Me: I hope to see you in the future too cooties.

Him: Okay have a great life

Me: You too. I better see you in the future. I love you & I miss you..goodbye.

Him: I love you and miss you too….See you later.

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